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Lady Brie

Lady Brie

Elegance of flavour in every bite

Lady Brie is the latest addition to the King's Collection range, serving burgers with unique flavours.

What is Lady Brie tempting about? It's 150 grams of succulent beef, cooked over a fire, which becomes the base of this unique dish. The softness of the Brie cheese gives the burger an unparalleled smoothness, while the caramelised onions add sweetness, creating a nice contrasting note. Arugula brings a touch of green freshness to the composition. The whole is complemented by a unique mustard-herb sauce adding a unique flavour. Discover the taste of Lady Brie - a burger that will satisfy the palate of lovers of refined taste combinations. Indulge in a culinary journey that will give you an unforgettable taste experience.